Shore 35mm, Complete Pole Kit

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These 35mm wood poles kits are sold complete with rings, brackets and ball finials, all beautifully presented in clear retail packaging.

Shore offers a neutral palette of 5 shades with a super matt finish, making them an ideal choice for simple styling in any scheme. The complete pole sets are available in popular window sizes from 150-360cm with extra rings available should you need them.

Complete the look with co-ordinating tieback hooks; then select from our wide range of ropes, tassels and tiebands to accent your colour scheme and bring your design together


Pole kits contain:

Length Poles Brackets Rings Finials Joining Screw
150cm 1 x 150cm 2 15 2 0
180cm 1 x 180cm 2 18 2 0
240cm 2 x 120cm 3 24 2 1
300cm 2 x 150cm 3 30 2 1
360cm 2 x 180cm 3 38 2




Projection 100mm
Backplate diameter 60mm
Internal ring diameter 48mm
External ring diameter 66mm


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