Esquire 50mm End & Centre Brackets Metal Pole Set

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These Esquire pole sets are available in four luxurious finishes and include; Pole, End/Centre Brackets, Rings & fittings so you just need to select finials to make a complete pole.

Pole sets are available in lengths of 150cm to 420cm. Longer length poles will be supplied in 2 pieces with a centre bracket and joiner. 


Variable Pack Contents

Length Pole End Brackets Centre Bracket Rings
150cm 1 x 150cm 0 16
180cm 1 x 180cm 0 18
210cm 1 x 210cm 0 22
300cm 2 x 150cm (with joiner) 2 1 30
360cm 2 x 180cm (with joiner) 2 1 36
420cm 2 x 210cm (with joiner) 2 1 42



Material Metal
Pack Size 1
Suitable for Heavyweight Curtains
Pole wall thickness 1.4mm
Packaging individually Boxed-Recyclable Cardboard
POS available Pole Block


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