Lunar 28mm, Metal Pole Set

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The Lunar pole set includes; pole, rings, 7cm brackets and a joiner for longer lengths. To complete your pole, select your finials separately.

Lunar is one of the strongest 28mm metal curtain poles on the market. The pole is constructed from tubular steel with a 1mm wall thickness and the contemporary barrel brackets that are strong and stylish. This sturdy pole will stand the test of time on medium to heavyweight curtains without any bowing. 


Variable Kit Contents

Length Poles Brackets Rings Joiner
120cm 1 x 120cm 2 (7cm projection) 12 0
180cm 1 x 180cm 2 (7cm projection) 18 0
240cm 1 x 240cm 3 (7cm projection) 24 0
300cm 1 x 300cm 3 (7cm projection) 30 0
360cm 2 x 180cm 3 (7cm projection) 36 1
480cm 2 x 240cm 3 (7cm projection) 48 1


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